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Joy as an act of resistance, Siobhan Goffee

Languishing? Emotion of the 2020’s so far, right? Get back in touch with what brings you joy and create your own ‘joy project’ in this uniquely happy course.


career change

So, you hate your job. Now what?

Changing your career is much harder than changing your pants (even if you’re wearing really fancy ones from Agent Provocateur involving bows and straps) so here are some tips to help you make the leap…

Black woman with headphones and 'I can (t)' image above. Can you Learn to be Confident?

Can you learn to be confident?

Spoiler alert: you can. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what confidence expert and fab audio course creator, Lucy Baker, has to say and pick up some top confidence building tips to boot.

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Virtual Cooking Experiences, Shamal Kumal

Bored of cooking the same old stuff? Learn how to cook meals that are worth the washing up, with a range of cooking experiences to suit everyone.

Write it out, Saša Jankovic

Develop a daily writing practice to boost your mental health and creativity with award-winning journalist, poet and author, Saša Jankovic.

Becoming a Business Buddha, Hema Bakhshi and Eli Godin

In this truly unique course, Hema and Eli blend ancient wisdom, scientific knowledge and business acumen to help you to achieve success – whatever that may mean for you.

Loc's Taste of Vietnam, Loc Bui

Vietnamese food is still having a moment. We don’t think that moment should end. If you agree, give Loc’s membership a whirl to learn how to create Saigon inspired food at home. Yum.