Discoco's mission is to demystify and declutter the world of personal development. We'll bring you useful information, engaging lifestyle features and an edit of the most life-enhancing online courses from the best creators*.

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*Or, the non sales spiel version: we're going to shout about great courses, ignore rubbish ones, and write some fun articles for anyone interested in, well, themselves.


But wait, who are we?

We're Isabel and Lucy. 


Isabel Mohan is an award winning journalist, editorial consultant and founding Head of Content at two brilliant start-ups.


Lucy Cleveley is a Business Psychologist and coach who runs a successful learning and development consultancy.


Back in 2019, we collaborated on an online confidence course for the social app Mush. Since the users said lots of nice things about us (“warm and relatable”, apparently. Thanks mum), it inspired us to think about other ways we could join forces and call it work. 


18 months and countless late night walks later, Discoco was born. We both knew from a few transformative encounters of our own that great online courses, coaches, consultants and the many other players in the self-development game can truly help people feel happier, more fulfilled and more successful – or just get a boost from learning something new. 


And we had both noticed that everybody seemed to be making courses, but it was hard to find anywhere that was independently curating them and making the world around them as fun and accessible as it deserves to be. 

With one of us immersed in the learning and development industry and the other a pro at building online communities through great content, we realised our distinct expertise made us the perfect team to connect great experts with a mainstream lifestyle audience. 


Oh, and why Discoco? Because “disco” is Latin for learn, don’t you know (we didn’t). And we like dancing.