Discoco's Lucy Cleveley and Isabel Mohan

Discoco: what you need to know

Whoop, we’re live! Now what? 

So, here we are: Discoco.co.uk is a living, breathing website thing and we’re delighted by the enthusiasm so far. We thought it was a good time to round up some of the questions we’ve been getting…

What’s Discoco all about then?

Discoco’s mission is to demystify and declutter the world of personal development. Alongside an edit of courses we love from creators we trust, we bring tips, tools and life-enhancing reads to inform, inspire and engage you. Or, the non sales spiel version: we shout about great courses, ignore rubbish ones, and write some fun articles for anyone interested in, well, themselves.

Yep, we totally just pasted that from our about page, which has a bit more info

But, like, what do you even mean by online courses?

What we call an online course covers quite a lot of variations – some of the courses on the site are things you can sign up to and complete in your own time, others might be live workshops, some might have a 1:1 element, other stuff we shout about could be membership programmes that have courses included. We want to keep it fluid while we figure out what people are most interested in – plus there’s SO much great stuff going on in the big wide world of online learning and development that we didn’t want to exclude anyone from the off.  

Who’s behind this thing? You’re being awfully familiar but I’ve no idea who you are…

Oh hello, yes, we’re Isabel Mohan and Lucy Cleveley, that’s us at the top with our hands on our hips like Paris and Nicole circa 2004 except older and more tired. You can find out more about us here too but basically we’ve been mates for six years, one of us is a journo/content type and the other is a psychologist/learning and development type. We’re doing Discoco around day jobs and little kids, but we’re determined to make it great, even if we might need to invest in slightly hardier under-eye concealer as a result.   

I’ve made a course and it’s amazing. How do I tell you about it?

Glad you asked! There’s a sign-up page here.

I’ve heard something about a “founding 50”, is there still space? 

Yes! When we first launched Discoco on social media a few weeks back, we were inundated by potential course creators with well over 100 people getting in touch. For now we’ve got about 35 courses in the bag which we’ll be rolling out over the next couple of weeks, but we’ve held back a few spots for two important reasons:

  1. We’re very aware that self-development can feel like a middle class, white preoccupation, but we want to make Discoco as inclusive and accessible as possible to everyone, so we would love to encourage course creators from more diverse backgrounds to get in touch. 
  2. We’ve also been overwhelmed by brilliant courses in some of our 7 categories but others aren’t so populated. We could easily have flooded the site with courses on work, social media and wellbeing, but we want to give the ones we’ve picked a chance to breathe. So, we’ve held back a few spots for our less populated categories: currently Make It (any creative stuff, from screenwriting to sourdough! In fact we would *love* some food-related courses – and anything quirky) and Spend It (money stuff). 

If you can help with either of these, please head to that Recommend A Course page we mentioned at once.

But what happens when you’ve got 50 courses? Is that it? 

No! Even when our “founding 50” is formed, we want to hear about courses – the current plan is to open a waiting list. Essentially the founding 50 are our guinea pigs – we’re offering them three months free while we test our ideas and figure out our long-term offering (likely a membership scenario, but it’s all to play for). It’s possible that we might invite more course creators on board within a few weeks, so watch this space.

What’s the benefit of finding a course via Discoco?

Our whole thing is that we’re only including great courses from creators we trust (see “The Discoco Promise” dotted around the site). We found out through our market research that most people are wary about committing to a course unless it’s been recommended by a friend. We want to be that friend!

The other perk is that some of our course creators are kindly offering exclusive discounts to anyone who comes to them via Discoco. You need to sign up to our newsletter to get dibs on these.

Bonus factor: we’re amazing, obviously. And it’s not just about courses – there are lots of great articles too (and plenty more in the pipeline). 

I want to get in touch to tell you you’re great/tell you you’re shit/pitch you an article idea/offer you loads of money. What do I do?

Drop us an email via hello@discoco.co.uk please. 

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