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How to get your social media mojo back

In a Facebook funk? Insta irking you? Social media consultant and course creator Jem Bahaijoub is here with some tips to get you feeling engaged with all things social again… 

Have you fallen out of love with social media recently? I’ve noticed that many of my colleagues have fallen into a social funk. The weight of global uncertainty fueled by the pandemic and the Ukraine war has rightly led us to feel that social media is a frivolous beast. We’ve all doubted what to post in times of crisis, and nothing has felt meaningful enough. Plus, platforms like Instagram are constantly changing (can you just shut up now, Mosseri!), and engagement has plummeted. We also face increasing pressure to create all-singing, all-dancing reels to feed the algorithm. This has resulted in collective fatigue.

So, what can we do about it? How can we get our social media mojo back? Here are my top tips:


The first step is to accept that we don’t always have to be “on it” with social media. I’m a firm believer that social media is there to serve us. We don’t serve it. If you are a small business owner juggling all the things and wearing all the hats, then your relationship with social media will not be linear. You will have times of loving it and times of hating it. The last two years have been a LOT. We are only human.

Top Tip: Be honest with your audience – if you are not feeling the love, share this with them. They will respond positively to your transparency.

Plan A Digital Detox

Your most important metric is your well-being, so plan time away from social media to recharge. I always take a break over the summer holidays and Christmas holidays. Guess what happens? Nothing. My followers are still there when I return. Alternatively, turn your notifications off and only go on social media at certain times of the day with very specific goals in mind.

Top Tip: Repurpose your highest-performing content from a year ago. You can then break from the content creation merry-go-round whilst remaining visible as a business.

Think Quality, Not Quantity

When engagement is down, and you wonder why you post with little engagement, remember that even if your content only impacts one person, it’s worth it! Furthermore, posting consistency matters (even if you reduce it down to 2-3 times per week). It’s called the “More Exposure Effect”, a term coined by social psychologist Robert Zajonc in 1968. It states that when people are repeatedly exposed to something, they will develop a preference for it over time. Repeated exposure increases familiarity. Interesting stuff!

Top Tip: Sell through the silence. We are all different in our social media habits. Some of us are passive followers, and others love to engage. This doesn’t mean your content is not getting noticed. Lurkers are the ones that often convert!

Have A Social Media Strategy

We are on social media for a reason – to grow our business. However, there is always so much chatter about the latest hacks and platform tips. This can often feel overwhelming and intimidating, which leads to reactive posting and posting without purpose.

The best way to rise above this is to focus on the big picture, aka a strategy!

Strategy is all about the bigger picture – your vision and business goals. What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to reach? A social media strategy keeps you super focused on what matters. It also streamlines your communication and helps you be more productive – ensuring you work smarter, not harder. Shut out the noise and get more strategic!

Top Tip: My social media strategy course for small business owners will help you go from social media confusion to social media confidence in 5 weeks, plus it ensure your social media is aligned with all your marketing activities. More info HERE.

Embrace Integrated Marketing

I firmly believe that any social media activity needs to be part of a broader, fully integrated marketing plan. A comprehensive social media strategy should align with your wider marketing activities and your social media platforms should be just one touchpoint for your business. For example, do you have a mailing list? A robust CRM system to track leads? A website? A good old referral marketing network?

We should not be putting all our eggs into one marketing basket. Social media is a powerful and necessary tool for all businesses, but we do not own our social media data. Join the dots, and you will survive the insta-funk and facebook-fatigue!

Jem’s Social Never Sleeps Course starts on the 6th of June. Click here to find out more and add your name to the VIP waitlist.

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