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So, you hate your job. Now what?

Changing your career is much harder than changing your pants (even if you’re wearing really fancy ones from Agent Provocateur involving bows and straps) so here are some tips to help you make the leap…

Since many of us feel like we’re defined by what we do for a living, deciding to make a big career change feels super-dramatic, especially if you’ve been brought up by parents who like to tell you how they worked for the same company for 35 years and it never did them any harm (cue ALL the side-eye).

But there are a few reasons why you might suddenly decide to (and we’re sorry but it’s impossible to say this without summoning the spirit of Ross Gellar) PIVOT. 

  • You fell into the career you have but it never felt entirely “you” and you’ve always had a hankering to follow your dreams just like they do in the movies.
  • Your lifestyle has changed – maybe you’ve become a parent, or you want to relocate, or you’ve been made redundant and have some time and cash to regroup and retrain – so it feels like the time is right to make some other big transitions.
  • You’re bored and want to learn new stuff, in the hope that said new stuff will inspire you into a big shake-up.
  • You just bloody hate your vile job and frequently mute yourself on Zoom just so you can say terrible words about your boss under your breath.

The good news is, there are TONS of resources out there now to help you find your calling, and they needn’t involve dropping a five-figure sum on a masters. In fact, we might be biased but we think online learning is the absolute best way to start trying new careers for size before you commit to a big move. Instead of having to quit with no safety net, you can pick a self-paced course to do in your own time around your existing commitments – and, if it piques your interest, you’ll feel more clued-up and confident and potentially have made some great connections who’ll help you out when the time is right to make that scary leap. 

First stop? The Kickstart Your Career Change course from certified coach Catherine Serusclat. This is a great place to start if you’re feeling lost, lacking inspiration and need the support and expertise of a top career coach but without the hefty price tag that 1:1 sessions generally entail (although we’d recommend those too!).  

Of course, there are lots of careers out there that you might not even have thought of – but guess what? Some of course creators are here to teach you all about them! Take founder of A Clean Education Kate Bennett and her wonderful and so unique How To Start A Successful Eco Cleaning Business course (yes, even if you hate cleaning!), for instance. Kate herself quit a corporate job because self-employment was luring her in, and she’s since empowered many other women to make the same jump, including Amanda, who was previously a midwife, and Vee, who used to work in social care. Kate says, “I started my eco cleaning business 12 years ago whilst on maternity leave. I wanted a business that I could work “on” and not “in” to create a better work/life balance and have the freedom to work from home. I wish there had been something like the ACE online course around when I started my business, a community of like minded women and someone to speak to and learn from, who had been there and done it!”. Kate’s now offering Discoco users a whopping 50% discount off her course if you book with the code – valid this week only! 

Meanwhile, fellow Discoco course creators Lily and Emma have empowered lots of people to make the jump into self-employment with their How To Become A Successful Freelance Journalist course. Lily says, “A course is a great way to test the water to gauge whether this really is the career path for you. It’s an excellent way to get feedback on your work, gain confidence in your skills and get advice from experts before you take the plunge.” 

More courses and resources to inspire your next big move:

Has motherhood got you all a-wavering? Karen Hudson’s Working Mum: Re-evaluating Your Career course could help you find your path.

Great listener? Make it official and get into counselling with a bit of help from Wendy Gregory’s Introduction To Counselling Skills

Want to stick something in your ears that will conjure up interesting thoughts about work in general? Tiffany Phillipou and Anna Codrea-Rado host career-themed podcast Is This Working? and it’s a great source of inspo.   

Unsure what your true calling is and fancy summoning a bit of Japanese wisdom to find it? Laura Bentley’s great value Ikigai workbook will help find your passion and purpose.  

Love kids and fancy running your own business from home? Childminding has had quite the glow-up thanks to early years education company tiney, and you can do all the training online and earn over 40K once you’re up and running: find out more here.

Want to noodle around on Instagram for a living but don’t know where to start? Tech Pixies run great courses and workshops and have heaps of free resources too to help you make the move into tech.

Still lost? The Squiggly Career by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis is the best-selling book you need to read to change how you think about work in general.

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