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Tommy Ludgate

Tommy is a certified coach with a musical background. She specialises in helping creative people to unlock their potential.

Kerry is on a mission to make the work we all do matter. She helps people bring their creative ideas to life through the lens of community, purpose and activism.

Siobhan Goffee

Siobhan is a brave, badass coach who rediscovered joy after ‘giving it all up’ to travel around South America. Alone. She now helps others find their joy, in whatever way works for them.

Hester Van Hien

Hester is a Certified KonMari® Consultant who’s on a mission to help you declutter, tidy and organise your home. Go on, invite her in.

Louisa Clarke

Louisa is a qualified voice and communications specialist who is on a mission to help people communicate with more clarity, credibility and kindness.


Languishing? Emotion of the 2020’s so far, right? Get back in touch with what brings you joy and create your own ‘joy project’ in this uniquely happy course.