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Relationships, babies, dating and sex (not usually in that order…).

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Sara Jane Maxwell and Kim Crewe

Sara is a financial expert and certified coach. Kim is an accredited therapist and certified coach. Together they run the ‘Couples Talk Money Programme’.

Maxine Clancy

Maxine has over 20 years of experience helping people move from feeling stuck and unhappy to reclaiming their power and having a transformation in their love relationships

Karen Hudson

Karen is an accredited coach, trainer, mentor and TV Exec who supports women to move through the ‘how the hell do I manage work and motherhood’ phase (whenever that might occur), without losing their marbles. Or dropping them in the first place, for that matter.

DIY Newborn Photography, Charlotte Gray

Learn how to take beautiful photographs of your newborn at home. Even if you feel like you can’t remember how to turn on a camera anymore (What’s a camera? What day is it? Zzzzzzzz).

Discoco's Lucy Cleveley and Isabel Mohan

Whoop, we’re live! Now what?


As tidying guru Marie Kondo launches her latest quest to spark joy, we learn more about her methods from our course creator Hester…