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Money management, whatever your life stage (or credit rating).

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Intensive Money Mindset Programme, Sara Jane Maxwell

Clear your head not your bank account. This immersive programme will help shift the way to think (and feel) about money; creating more financial awareness and better habits.

Couples Talk Money, Sara Jane Maxwell and Kim Crewe

Money is one of the main causes of tension in long-term relationships. This course gets to the heart of the issue by combining expert financial support with relationship expertise to help you leave the blame game behind and move forwards, together.

Discoco's Lucy Cleveley and Isabel Mohan

Whoop, we’re live! Now what?

Sara Jane Maxwell and Kim Crewe

Sara is a financial expert and certified coach. Kim is an accredited therapist and certified coach. Together they run the ‘Couples Talk Money Programme’.

Sara Jane Maxwell

Sara is an accredited financial advisor and a certified coach with over 20 years experience working in the Financial Services industry.