The Breakup Bounceback

Whether you’re going through a big split, you’re still not quite over the last one or you know a breakup is imminent, our experts will help you through the heartache. We can’t promise to fix your broken heart completely but we can help you to work through your emotions, clear out that negative energy and emerge happier, more confident and ready to embrace your freedom!

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Read all about us… January 2022 Co-founder Isabel Mohan shares the story of how Discoco was born; lockdown, full-time job, full-time home-schooling, not a lot of cash…BUT a lot of fun… December 2021 Want to know what we think about the whole ‘create a course as a passive income’ thing? Look no further. October 2021 […]

The BIG Career Reset: seven steps to a work life you’ll love

Seven steps to a work life you’ll love. An affordable career change course fronted by experts from the worlds of psychology, coaching, social media marketing and recruitment to boost your confidence, pinpoint your purpose and help you land that dream job.