2 Weeks to Video Confidence, Helen Hamston and Kam-Mei Chak

The 'live' version of the awesome Get Video Confident.
This course will transform the way you feel about showing up on video in just 2 weeks.

Why we love this course

By popular demand, the brilliant creators of the ‘Get Video Confident’ course have created this super supportive live course to help you to go from shaking with fear to swaggering with confidence the next time you make an online video for your business.

Self-paced courses are brilliant but sometimes you need a kick up the bum to actually get going and do what you need to do to get what you want out of the course. Over two weeks, Helen and Kam-Mei will help you to smash the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from growing your audience through video so that you actually feel good about what you’re putting out there. No, really.

Helen and Kam-Mei know that when you communicate with confidence to your audience, the magic really happens. When people feel connected to you, they are more likely to trust you and, ultimately, buy into your business. Hell, they might even buy your business. If that’s what your after.

The sky’s the limit and this course will help you to soar.


You should book this course if

You are a female small business owner who wants to grow your online audience through video.

What's the format?

  • 4 live training sessions
  • 2 live online video surgeries
  • Personal feedback
  • Support to create your own content plan
  • Membership to a small private facebook group – for that extra bit of support!

The best bits

  • Friendly expert advice
  • Personalised support and feedback
  • Lots of opportunities to practice in a safe, supportive environment

When's the next course?

The next course runs from the 4th – 15th October.

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