Beginner Ukes for Grown Ups, Becky Dixon

This joyful, relaxed and energising five week course takes you from total ukulele newbie - with no musical or ukulele experienced required - to confidently playing at least 4 chords and together we'll be strumming and singing some fab songs!

Why we love this course

We love Becky. She has kept our children entertained for years with her amazing ‘Cello Stories’ workshops for kids (officially the only kids group Lucy’s son ever enjoyed) along with Boris her blue footed Toucan puppet. She’s an accomplished musician who has taught many a SE London kiddy how to play the ukulele.

Now, by popular demand, Becky has turned her ukulele kids workshops into sessions suitable for grown-ups. If you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument but you’re not sure if you’re musical enough? Think again. This super fun course is designed for complete beginners. You’ll learn how to strum along to the tunes you love, learn different ways of strumming and playing and ask questions as you go. If you miss a live session (but really, why would you?) you can watch it again so your progress isn’t lost.

Becky will have you rocking along to Faith by George Michael, playing the classic Blue Moon, learning a very useful arrangement of Happy Birthday and a joyfully jamming to Uptown Funk, among lots of others (and requests are very welcome), and you can continue your learning journey beyond this course with our intermediate and jam sessions.

So, if you’ve always wanted to be the one to get the party started without the use of a Spotify playlist, this is the course for you.

You should book this course if

You are a grown-up who wants to learn the Uke. You don’t need any previous experience but you’re still welcome to join if you do.

What's the format?

  • 5 weekly workshops (hosted on Zoom)
  • Option to watch a recorded catch-up session

The best bits

  • Fun, fun, fun
  • Learn and play songs you love, together with others
  • Catch up if you miss a session

When's the next course?

Becky’s next course runs from 24th June onwards.

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