Boost your creative well-being, Tommy ludgate

Feeling burnt out, lacking in your usual creative zest and generally a bit low on creative energy? Get the boost you need to get back in the game and get the ideas flowing again in this 60 minute masterclass.

Why we love this course

Sometimes it’s just hard to get going, right? One day you’re fully ‘in the flow’ the next day you’re feeling tired, deflated and lacking ideas and motivation. It’s doubly frustrating when you don’t see it coming!

Coach for creatives, Tommy Ludgate, will help you out of your creative slump. In this 60 minute session, she’ll (metaphorically, of course) pick you up, dust you off and arm you with the tools to help you tune into your creative wellbeing so that you recognise the signs of burnout before it happens again. 

Learn more about what helps your creativity to thrive so that you can create the right environment for yourself more of the time. Learn what blocks your creativity so that you can avoid avoid it like the plague.  All in all, build more resilience to accept that creative blocks when happen, be kinder to yourself when they do and create the conditions you need to smash through them quickly and with confidence.

Power up.

You should book this course if

You are feeling burnt-out and in need of a creative pick-me-up.

What's the format?

  • Interactive live session
  • Presentation and group coaching

The best bits

  • Friendly expert advice
  • Supportive environment
  • Practical tools to boost your confidence

When's the next course?

Tommy will be adding more dates soon…watch this space.

Find out about more ways to work with Tommy here

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