Ever feel like it's only a matter of time before someone finds out your winging it? You are not alone. Imposter syndrome isn't clinical but it is very real, very common and very annoying. Let Jaz help you to tackle it once and for all.

Why we love this course

Sometimes we all feel like we’re going to get ‘found out’. Surely they must have promoted me by accident, no one really wants to hear what I have to say, I can’t really start my own business, only grown-ups do that – to name just a few of ours…

These feelings of self-doubt can get in your way and be hard to move past. In this easy to follow self-paced course, Jaz will give you the lowdown on what imposter syndrome actually is (no medication is required, promise). She will also help you to work out what it feels like for you and when it occurs; so that you can tackle it before it takes over.

This course will not stop you from feeling imposter syndrome ever again (if only, eh?) but it will help you to recognise when it’s happening and how to get rid of it quickly using a toolkit of 10 simple techniques.

You should book this course if

You want to stop holding yourself back and tackle your imposter syndrome.

What's the format?

  • Self-paced 

The best bits

  • Expert information 
  • 10 step practical toolkit
  • Additional support emails for 12 weeks after the programme

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