Get Confident with choking

Parents. Bin the mealtime worry and get confident with choking. Become the expert on choking with this friendly, self paced masterclass.

Why we love this course

That feeling as you / your partner or worse, your mother-in-law hands your 6 month old a piece of under-cooked broccoli for the first time. Oh, the horror. 

The fear of your child choking (and not knowing how to respond if they do) can make introducing solid foods to your baby a very scary prospect. Left undealt with, this fear will have you spending hours chopping single grapes into 16 tiny pieces for your 5 year old. No really, we’ve been there.

So, we are VERY thankful that first aider, former nurse and (probably most importantly) mum of three, Sammy has made this brilliant, easy to follow course. 

Let Sammy (virtually) hold your hand and help you to feel good about meal times. Print off your workbook, sit down with a cuppa and learn why babies and children choke, what high risk items you might have in your home, and how to identify and manage a choking baby or child.

Sammy will also cover basic CPR and will answer your questions via email.

There are 9 modules in this masterclass, and the use of quizzes, videos and scenarios will help to concrete this life-saving stuff in your mind. Let’s replace the fear with facts, and get confident with choking!

You should book this course if

Anyone who is petrified (or even just a tiny bit scared) of their child or grandchild choking and wants to know how to help if they do. Especially good for parents who are about to introduce solid food into their baby’s diet.

What's the format?

There are 5 modules to the online course:

1. Why and how choking happens
2. High risk foods and items
3. Identifying a choking episode
4. Managing a choking episode
5. Management of the unresponsive, non breathing casualty (CPR)

Plus a 1 hour live Zoom call with Sammy (recording available if you can’t make it).

The best bits

  • Zoom session to recap the main concepts, and answer any questions that you might have
  • The course covers babies and children (up until the age of 18 years old)
  • Access to a printable workbook
  • Complete the bulk of the course in your own time
  • The aim of the course is to make YOU the expert. There is even a handy resource that you can use to teach others about how to identify and manage a choking incident. 

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