Confident Stories for Creative, Claire Tomkins

Who doesn’t love a good story? Stories are a great way to connect to potential customers and clients but with everything else on the business plan, it can be hard to find time to craft them in a compelling way (or even know where to begin). Let super storyteller, Claire Tomkins help.

Why we love this course

When you start a business these days it’s not good enough to simply tell people how great your product / service is. People don’t buy into that. Not even investors these days. People buy into stories, personal stories. You only need to look at Instagram and that swathe of people whose actual job title is ‘influencer’ (we can’t really believe it either), to realise that stories sell. 

But, with a business to build / run and a daily ‘to-do’ list as long as both your arms, it’s hard to find the time to create your story because it’s not as easy as it might seem. What do you say, what information is important, what if your story isn’t even that interesting? Simmer down, Claire’s brilliant course is here to lower your blood pressure and help you to confidently craft the story you need to tell to the world. 

In this interactive and supportive 4 hour course (with some homework in between the 2 x 2hour sessions), Claire starts from the beginning (as all good stories should). She’ll help you to understand what makes a good story, why they are so important, how to use them to connect with customers and clients, how to find the essence of yours and she’ll give you a practical toolkit to help you to create it, in your own words.

You’ll have the opportunity to practice writing and sharing stories for your business and will receive feedback along the way. You’ll finish the course with drafts of three different stories and a plan for how and when to use them. So, if you want to ‘do a Don Draper’ (without the excessive lifestyle) on your own brand, Claire’s course is a great place to start. 

You should book this course if

You are a creative entrepreneur who wants to step up and talk about what you do with confidence so you can connect with your audience on a deeper level.

What's the format?

  • 2 x2 hour live workshops via Zoom
  • 1 week in between each session to complete activities to bring to the next session
  • Option to book an additional 1:1 with Claire at a reduced rate

The best bits

  • Supportive expert advice
  • Interactive format
  • Three stories drafted by the end of the course and a plan of where and how to use them for you business
  • Optional 1:1 support

When's the next course?

Claire’s next course will run on 2nd and 9th July.

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