Create a Reed DIffuser for Your Home, Alison MacColl

Learn how to design and create a natural vegan friendly reed diffuser with your bespoke signature scent. Don’t worry - scent options are provided in the kit if your current bespoke home scent has become more ‘cold coffee and over-worn jogging bottoms’ than ‘patchouli and bergamot’ over the last year...

Why we love this course

We’ve been stuck in our houses for a loooong time and it looks like WFH is going to become the norm for more of us. 

Scent is the sense most of us are the least aware of but the one that can have the biggest impact on our mood. Remember the ‘getting off the plane in a hot country ready to start your holiday’ smell and how that made you feel? Dig deep, it’s been a while.

Well anyway, having something lovely to smell when you’re sitting in the same bl**dy room day after day can have a big, positive, impact on your wellbeing. Take our word for it.

Don’t buy one of those awful (our opinion) chemical plug in thingies. Let Alison MacColl show you how to make something natural and lovely that really appeals to your unique sense of smell. Plus, a reed diffuser lasts far longer, involves no unnecessary plastic waste and emits a gentle smell rather than one that makes you sneeze.

This live online workshop is suitable for individuals joining a small group or a group of friends, family or work colleagues scheduling a private group experience.

At the end of the workshop you will have created your bespoke signature scented reed diffuser which you can use and enjoy immediately.

You should book this course if

Anyone 18 years+ who is passionate about scent. No experience needed.

What's the format?

  • Live 90 minute workshop
  • Join a small group or book a private workshop, as a group
  • Kit provided and posted to you

The best bits

  • Fun experience creating something to use and love
  • Kit provided
  • Friendly expert support

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Want more details? No problem, read on...

This course includes:

All materials to create your vegan friendly diffuser kit will be sent to you in advance for residents living in the United Kingdom:

  • 1 x 100ml glass diffuser bottle and natural colour reeds to reflect the ingredients
  • Six natural vegan friendly scents with vegan friendly base
  • Pipettes and tester strips/fragrance blotters
  • Design your own fragrance record card


1hr 30 mins live interactive workshops via Zoom with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

The knowledge of a 23 years experienced professional clinical aromatherapist, educator and natural perfumer.

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