DIY Newborn Photography, Charlotte Gray

Learn how to take beautiful photographs of your newborn at home. Even if you feel like you can't remember how to turn on a camera anymore (What's a camera? What day is it? Zzzzzzzz).

Why we love this course

With all the expense involved in being a new parent (not to mention the extreme sleep deprivation, total life-change and relentless feeding) the last thing you want to fork out for and organise are professional photographs of your newborn. But, don’t they look cuuuuuute. Oh look, that person you went to school with has just posted a photo of their newborn in a wicker basket with a flat cap on. D*mn it. 

Fantastic photographer, Charlotte Gray has created this course so you don’t have to have photo FOMO or fork out for professional snaps for your bundle of joy. You can learn how to do it at home, yourself, with brilliant, professional looking results.

In a series of short videos and supporting downloadable material, Charlotte will take you step-by-step through the process of taking beautiful photographs of your newborn at home. She will give you her insider tips on how to set the scene using items from your home, prepare the room, create a backdrop, settle your baby and pose them in three easy and safe poses.There is also a whole section on handling newborn babies safely (because don’t they feel breakable in those first few weeks?) and tips and tricks for taking better photos.

Basket and flat cap, totally optional, of course.

You should book this course if

You are a parent-to-be who wants to learn how to take better photos of your imminent arrival

What's the format?

  • Self-paced
  • 9 videos (1 hour of  content in total)
  • e-book and printable PDF’s

The best bits

  • Expert advice
  • Skills you can use to achieve beautiful photographs

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See, no flat caps in sight...

Curled up newborn asleep with legs folded on a white textured blanket

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