Fire Soup Confidence Introductory Course, Clara May Warden

Know an 8-13 year old who could do with a confidence boost?
Fire Soup provides practical tools and techniques to help build resilience, positivity and compassion.

Why we love this course

Let’s face it, it’s been a pretty tough year for young people. As if growing up wasn’t tough enough already. That’s why we were thrilled to be introduced to Clara’s fantastic confidence boosting course for 8-13 year olds.

Clara is a parent, former teacher… and has lived through the ages of  8-13 herself, we assume. So she knows her stuff.

This Fire Soup (we also love the name) course goes back to basics. Helping young people lay the foundations that support and build confidence: understanding and responding to their emotions, developing positive self talk, practising compassion towards themselves and others, exploring gratitude and joy and celebrating themselves. All the stuff that they will cringe to do once they go all ‘Kevin the Teenager’ on you, but will undoubtedly draw strength from when they go through those tough teenage years. 

Groups are small, held over Zoom and run weekly over a 6 week period, an easy pace for a young person. In each session a new practise is introduced (such as breathing, positive affirmations, journal writing and goal setting) that participants get to try out and share their thoughts on at the next session. By the end of the course they will have a practical confidence building toolkit that works for them.

In our humble opinion this stuff should be on the curriculum (it certainly seems more useful than knowing what a fronted adverbial is. Don’t get us started…). But until it is, Fire Soup is here and we’re grateful.

You should book this course if

You are responsible for an 8-13 year old who you think would benefit from this course.

You are an 8-13 year old who has access to your parent or guardian’s credit card. Only joking, please ask them first.

What's the format?

  • 6 weekly live sessions via Zoom
  • Practical exercises between each session

The best bits

  • A safe and supportive environment
  • Practical techniques to try out
  • Run by an education professional

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