How to Please a woman in bed, Ruth Ramsay

Want to know how a woman can experience her highest peaks of ecstasy?
Get ready to be enlightened, encouraged, informed and inspired.

Why we love this course

This course should be mandatory. For everyone. Particularly useful for anyone who has a female sexual partner and is not in possession of their own vulva. But, to be honest, we have them and we were still blown away and inspired by the information Ruth shares in this presentation. 

Want to know what the number-one passion-killing thing NEVER to say to someone with a vulva is?

Want to find out what socks have got to female arousal? 

From mindset to arousal science, from anatomy to communication, sex toy tips and why women fake orgasms… Ruth covers all this and more in such a relaxed and expert way that you even feel totally comfortable hearing the words scent  and vulva in the same sentence. Honestly.

The information Ruth expertly provides is a refreshing antidote to mainstream porn propaganda (though it should be said that she isn’t anti-porn as a form of entertainment). We were particularly gobsmacked (and relieved) to find out the average time a woman takes to orgasm, for example.

PRIVACY NOTE: This is a webinar, not a Zoom meeting – you do not appear on-screen.

You should book this course if

You are a heterosexual man.

You are possession of a heterosexual man who’s open to learning more about your sexual pleasure.

Women and other vulva-owners welcome – you may learn something about your own arousal and needs.

What's the format?

  • 90-minute webinar 

  • Totally private, you will not appear on screen.

  • There will be time for questions at the end via the Zoom Q&A box. Ask the questions about sex that you have always wanted to ask an open-minded, experienced, unshockable woman (with a sense of humour). 

The best bits

  • Expertly presented information
  • Relaxed and supportive environment
  • Totally anonymous so no need to hide your blushes

When's the next course?

20th September

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