Newsflash: you are allowed to assert your opinion, set boundaries and be direct. No, really. Let voice and verbal communications expert Louisa show you how in this 12 week 1:1 programme.

Why we love this course

Being clear about what you want and don’t want DOES NOT make you a bad person. Read that again until it starts to sink in (we read it approximately 357 times, FYI).

Asserting yourself doesn’t mean you have to be all ‘shouty’ and go around saying things like, ‘well, if people don’t like me then they can do one’ and push people out of your way and stuff.

It is possible to be warm and kind, a little shy even, and STILL have non-negotiable, healthy boundaries. It is possible to communicate your needs and assert yourself in meetings without willing the ground to swallow you up. 

But, it can feel impossible to change the habits of a lifetime and overcome the often overwhelming need to be liked.  Thank goodness then that Louisa has created her brilliant 1:1 course for confrontation avoiders, ambitious introverts and too-quick-to-say-yes folk everywhere. She sees you, she’s been there and she has the skills and experience to help you to communicate with more confidence. 

Over 12 weeks she’ll work with you to:

• Reframe what ‘confidence’ is, and what it looks and feels like when we interact

• Give you the tools to communicate your boundaries with confidence

• Develop a communication strategy that supports YOU, as your authentic self

• Help you understand how best to communicate your needs and to hold your own using frameworks from relational and communication psychology.

This course will leave you feeling more assertive and able to communicate your needs, minus the guilt. 

You should book this course if

You have had enough of people pleasing and avoiding confrontation but you don’t know where to start to make a positive change.

What's the format?

  • 6 x 1 hour online 1:1 mentoring sessions
  • Weekly WhatsApp check-in for questions, prompts and support
  • Learning resources forwarded following sessions with space for you to track progress and take notes for reference

The best bits

  • Expert 1:1 support – development is tailored to your needs
  • Accountability to make positive changes
  • Additional resources provided in between sessions

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