Little Eyes, Big Stories, Aina Gomez

Want to give your kids something more productive to do with your phone than search for games / hack your social media accounts? Why not let them learn how to take photographs? Properly.
Even better, get them a camera and hide your phone on a very high shelf.

Why we love this course

Kids have SO MUCH STUFF. So recently, there’s been a (sometimes slightly smug) movement towards buying experiences as gifts rather than more stuff that they’ll forget about in 2.5 minutes. While we know that when they’re really little this probably won’t wash, when they get to 7 and above, it works a treat. As a treat.

Learning how to take photographs ticks all the kid-friendly boxes. They get to use their imagination, get out in the fresh air, use a fancy electronic device than probably belongs to a grown up and they get to be in front of a screen without hitting their ‘screen time’ quota.

This brilliant, engaging course from award-winning filmmaker, photographer and theatre school principal Aina Gomez, will give your kids the opportunity to learn a new skill that will boost their confidence and creativity (as well as keep them entertained while you enjoy your own allotted screen time).

If you really want to treat them, you can buy them a simple point and shoot camera, but really any device with a camera will do.

The course includes a series of short, professionally filmed videos, combined with live sessions and some downloadable content.

Your child might need some additional support, depending on their age, but, other than that, you can sit back, relax and pretend to pose for their art while you post a smug ‘my kids don’t need toys’ photo on social media and drink your coffee in peace.

You should book this course if

You have a child who is aged 7+.

Younger children could do it but might need some extra input from their parents.

What's the format?

  • Video content: 1.5 hours in total

  • Self-paced activities

  • Live sessions (up to 4 hour) to review their work

The best bits

  • Friendly expert support
  • Builds creativity and problem solving skills
  • Feedback from a professional

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