Loc's Taste of Vietnam, Loc Bui

Vietnamese food is still having a moment. We don't think that moment should end. If you agree, give Loc's membership a whirl to learn how to create Saigon inspired food at home. Yum.

Why we love this course

Loc has been cooking healthy Vietnamese food since he was knee high to a grasshopper and he knows that not everyone has the skills, time or – let’s face it – inspiration to cook healthy meals every night. He has created his membership to help. Especially if you are responsible for humans who are knee high to grasshoppers.

Sign up to his monthly or annual membership and you will receive weekly recipes with a step-by-step guide to help you cook food that everyone will enjoy. You’ll learn some essential skills along the way too, such as quick fixes to help turn bland food into taste bud tantalising dishes. Sharing his 30 years or experience, Loc will help you to love cooking more than that take-away menu drawer (do people still have those?!).

The membership includes tasty recipes, chef skills, Q&A’s, access to a members community, live cookalongs with Loc and the occasional special guest. Right, pass us our pinnies. 

You should book this course if

You love food and you want to learn to make delicious Vietnamese dishes at home.

What's the format?

Monthly or annual membership that will include:

  • Weekly recipes with step-by-step guides to shopping, preparation and cooking
  • Access to live online teaching events with Loc and some special guest appearances
  • Regular Q&As with Loc
  • Membership to an online community of fellow foodies

The best bits

  • Friendly expert advice 
  • Weekly inspiration
  • Cook the recipes at your own pace and…
  • Access to live cook-alongs

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