Feel like you've been sleepwalking through your career so far? Then take control and create a strategy (yes, you can do that, it's your career) that will get you to where you want to go.

Why we love this course

It’s almost too easy to let your career happen to you. Sometimes it feels as though you don’t have much of a choice about where you’re headed because of the choices you have made so far and the constraints you have in your life and work. Ambition is for naive people who haven’t started their career yet, right?

Wrong! It’s never too late to get ambitious and, to quote Jaz herself, ‘ambition is not a dirty word’. Here, here. 

In this self-paced programme, Jaz shares all the wisdom she has gleaned from helping people get more out of their careers. Think of it as a virtual ‘kick up the bum’ to get you back on track, take charge of your career and plan exactly how to get there, without compromising. 

The content has three self-paced modules that will take you from ‘what do I really want from my career’ to ‘I’m going to get what I want, my way’. You’ll finish the course with the ambition, confidence and conviction.

You should book this course if

You want to get more from your career but you need the confidence, support and motivation to take the next steps.

What's the format?

  • 3 self-paced modules
  • Monthly group coaching
  • Video and written format 
  • Self-coaching activities 

The best bits

  • Complete at your own pace
  • Expert advice 
  • Monthly group coaching
  • A tangible plan to move forward with

Want more details? No problem, read on...

The Modules:

1.Become the expert on you

  • Mind your mind
  • Mind your mindset
  • Know your why
  • Strengths, skills & talents
  • The Audit


2. Communicate confidently

  • Communication styles
  • Cultivating confidence
  • Challenging conversations
  • Master your message


3. Take relentless action

    • Goal Getting
    • Mastering Momentum
    • Your playbook

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