PR in a week. Ann fiona Martin

Using her 10+ years of insider experience as a journalist, let Ann Fiona Martin show you, in just a week, how to ‘do’ PR for your small business. You’re welcome.

Why we love this course

Getting PR for your small business can seem pretty daunting. It might even seem slightly out of reach. It certainly seems like it’d be time consuming, right? Wrong. Super PR profesh, Ann Fiona Martin, has created this brilliant course to help you start doing the PR thing in just a week. Hell, it’s not even an actual full week for people who run their own business, it’s only 5 days. That’s basically half your working week in terms of hours, right?!

Ann is a former journalist so, as well as being super practical and self-paced, this course spills the beans on what journalists are really looking for and tells you how you can become a preferred source in your area of expertise. 

You’ll learn how to create a PR strategy that you can easily follow and manage in your own time. Plus you’ll discover how to use press coverage to drive traffic and sales leads to your business. 

By the end of these lessons you will have the confidence to approach journalists with a clear pitch and be able to communicate the unique selling points of your business. Sounds good to us.

You should book this course if

You run a small business and want to:

  • Attract more customers and build awareness of your brand
  • Manage your own PR rather than hiring an agency
  • Know what editors are really looking for
  • Build ongoing relationships with journalists and influencers
  • Be seen as an expert in your profession
  • Guidance to push your PR strategy forward with purpose

What's the format?

  • Self-paced (learn at your own pace  but it’s designed to be completed in a week)
  • 5 daily pre-recorded video modules
  • A private library with written materials for each day of the course
  • 5 daily workbooks
  • A collection of draft pitch templates
  • Daily prompts / homework to help put the training in to practice

The best bits

  • Expert, insider knowledge
  • Self-paced
  • Loads of useful resources

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Want more details? No problem, read on...

This is a 5 module course designed to be completed in one week. 

DAY 1: Define Your Business Story – Every business has a story to tell but it can be tricky to identify what makes your business newsworthy. You will learn how to identify the key stories in your business that the media will be interested in. 

DAY 2: Think Like An Editor – What do editors look for? How and when do they want to hear from you? You will learn what journalists look for from small businesses. Plus insider tips about how to approach them, and what tactics to avoid!

DAY 3: Write Your Pitch – How to write emails that journalists want to read and how to move forward after a pitch rejection. You will write your own pitch using my draft pitch templates.

DAY 4: Develop Media Relationships – You will learn how to identify media contacts that are relevant for your business. Then target and begin developing relationships with them.

DAY 5: Manage Your Own PR – How to plan your future PR strategy so you can comfortably secure coverage going forward.

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