Summer Vision Board-Along, Tommy Ludgate

Bring your enthusiasm, energy and creativity (and some glue and pair of scissors) to this fun and inspiring evening workshop run by certified coach for creatives, Tommy Ludgate.

Why we love this course

We’ve heard of vision boarding, love the idea but have never actually done it. Where do you even start? Especially when you’re working alone. This is why we LOVE Tommy’s interactive, supportive and creative workshop.

It’s a place for a fabulous few to join together, share their ideas and inspiration and leave with a colourful, joyful plan for the rest of the Summer. What could be a better way to spend an evening? Plus there’s a seasonal soundtrack involved so we’re extra keen. 

So, whether this will be the motivation for your next creative work, a chance to focus on your business aspirations, or a way to ground yourself for the months ahead; whether you’re stuck for ideas or are bursting to get them all down, join Tommy and like-minded aspiring vision boarders and prepare to get a boost to your confidence, mood and plans for the immediate future.

You should book this course if

You want to create an inspiring vision for the summer season.

What's the format?

  • Live, interactive workshop

The best bits

  • Fun-filled and joyful
  • Expert advise
  • Supportive setting

When's the next course?

Tommy’s next workshop will run on the 24th June, 7.30pm.

Missed it? Don’t worry, find out about more ways to work with Tommy here.

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