Whether you're going through a big split, you're still not quite over the last one or you know a breakup is imminent, our experts will help you through the heartache. We can't promise to fix your broken heart completely but we can help you to work through your emotions, clear out that negative energy and emerge happier, more confident and ready to embrace your freedom!

Why we made this course

Breakups can be hard and we don’t always give ourselves the time and space to acknowledge this. Instead, we carry our past breakup baggage around with us, bring our insecurities into new relationships, let our relationship experiences shape who we are, even (maybe especially) if they were bad. But, therapy can be pricey and can feel ‘a bit much for just getting over a break-up’ – even though, let’s face it, it probably isn’t.

So, we’ve pooled the knowledge of some of our amazing experts, from the fields of clinical psychology, sex education, decluttering and even cooking, to bring you this unique course to help you through the heartache and to give you the confidence and clarity to move on with your life. 

It’s affordable and packed full of information, exercises and inspiration to get you through a breakup (or to help detox from that really bad one).

We can’t promise you won’t still send the odd drunken text to the ex or go all investigative journalist on their new partner’s social media accounts. But, we can promise that, if you do, you’ll understand why, go easier on yourself and be less likely not to do it again. You should still delete their number though, that’s just good practice.  

You should book this course

You’ve just been through a breakup, are about to go through one or you still need to get over that ex (no matter how long ago the relationship ended…)

What's the format?

Five modules from some of Discoco’s finest: pre-recorded videos or audio, useful exercises, downloadable worksheets, practical tips and inspirational breakup survival stories.

One optional live online event to bring it all together.

Getting through the grief

Even if we instigate them, breakups can cause us to experience grief. We have lost something or someone who was once important to us, a sense of who we thought we were and our imagined future. But, grief is often the part we skip over because it feels too heavy and we’re told that ‘moving on’ [going for a big night out and getting off with the first person who smiles at us] is the only way to recover. 
But we all know that’s not true, don’t we, at least not for a while…
Andrea will explain why allowing yourself to experience those shitty feelings rather than suppressing them will help you to work through the stages and feelings of grief so you can come out the other end of a breakup wiser, stronger and ready for something different.

Salvage your self-worth

with Maxine Clancy @divorcedetoxcoach

Even in the best of relationships, we can lose our sense of self. Our world becomes so merged with that other person that unpicking the bits that are  ‘you’ from the ruins can be as tricky as splitting your record collection (do people still do this in 2022?!).
The truth is, you are not the same person now as you were before the relationship started and breakup coach Maxine will give you the tools to work out what that means, how you can rebuild your sense of self and self-worth and move forward with a fresh, positive outlook. 

Detox your surroundings

with Hester Van Hien @tidylicious_home

Whether you lived with your previous partner or not, you are more than likely to have physical reminders of them / your relationship / even the initial breakup period in your life (and your space) that could be stopping you from moving on.
Organising the spaces you live, work and relax in to reflect the post-breakup life you want to lead can be a powerful way to take back some control and feel happier.
Professional declutterer Hester will show you how to work out what’s important, clear out what’s not and help you create an environment that can feel even more like home than before your breakup. It’s more than just ‘chucking out their junk’ and just as satisfying.

Reclaim your sexual self

with Ruth Ramsay @ruthramsay_

In the midst of emotional turmoil, it can be easy to forget that the breakup of a relationship means the end of an established physical connection with another person (even if the sex was shit or non-existent in the end). When it’s over, it can leave us feeling sexually rejected, insecure and even nostalgic about the intimacy we’ve just lost (yes, still even if the sex was shit or non-existent). Who are you now? And what even is sex and intimacy if it’s not with that other person? 
Ruth will show you how to detox from your previous sexual relationship (and no it doesn’t involve that person who smiled at you on your first night out. Yet.) and help you to regain confidence and contentment in you own body so that you have the freedom to work out what you want and need from any future sexual relationships. And empower you to get what you need in the meantime.

Optional bonus: Focus on the kids


Not applicable if you don’t have children but critical if you do…

As if parental guilt isn’t bad enough in normal times, navigating a breakup with children involved can be really tough. 

Children can get lost in the midst of parental conflict and hurt in their quest to keep things fair for both parents. They aren’t always able to express how they feel and can end up carrying their grief, resentment, and self-blame with them for years to come.

In this session Andrea will help you think about your child’s needs and give you some pointers to help them through,  without burdening them; making sure your relationship with them stays as strong as ever.

Cooking for self-care

Shamal Kumal @cookingwithshamoo

Hands up who hates  cooking for yourself? We hear you BUT cooking nutritious meals just for you is exactly the kind of self-care you need after going through a break-up. Plus, let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do with toast. So, put the tin of beans down and check out Shamal’s top tips for solo cooking and join us for a live online cook-along.

We’ll cook, we’ll talk, we’ll laugh and then we’ll eat (but we don’t have to do the eating together, unless you want to). 

Leave this session with a warm glow, a full stomach and the motivation to make solo mealtimes far better than before – because nothing says love like a good meal and there’s no one you should love more right now than YOU.

  • Useful resources
  • Downloadable worksheets

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