When it comes to sex, ever think, ‘There must be more than this’? Well, you’re right, there is. Let sex and intimacy coach Ruth Ramsey fill you in (so to speak).

Why we love this course

Ruth is the real deal. Her amazing journey from award winning striptease artist to certified sex and intimacy coach gives her a unique perspective. The knowledge she shares in her Passion8 Programme is not only life and relationship enhancing but pretty damn fundamental. 

We think that when it comes to self-development our intimate life is something we all too often, wrongly, overlook. Understanding more about your body (yep, we think this should be taught in school too), how arousal works and learning how to get more enjoyment and fulfilment out of your sex life is a totally transformational experience. And you know we don’t like to use that word lightly. 

Ruth goes back to basics. Helping you to understand some of your negative beliefs and internalised misinformation about sex and arousal. She’ll help you to build the confidence to make positive changes that mean you get more pleasure from your intimate relationships.

You can join the weekly modules privately so no need to hide your blushes with a sofa cushion. In the weekly guided coaching sessions you will explore everything from your belief systems, you anatomy, how to communicate with your partner, your fantasies, and how to fit erotic play into your already packed life. If the words ‘erotic play’ made you blush then you really NEED this course. Do it for you. Learn to love sex again. Maybe even more than you did before.

You should book this course if

You want more joy, fulfillment and pleasure from you sex life (or you want to actually have one again). 

All genders, singles, couples, thruples and more welcome.

What's the format?

  • 8 pre-recorded workshops 
  • 8 modules, over 8 weeks (but you can complete at your own pace)
  • Optional further study and resource list to explore
  • Optional live group meeting

The best bits

  • Self-paced modules 
  • Weekly coaching workbooks from Ruth
  • Support and reminders to keep you motivated to complete the programme
  • Extensive resource list provided

When's the next date?

Next programme due to launch in October…watch this space.

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