The Rebellion of Self-Care, Korina Tsipoura

Looking after yourself is often the last thing on the agenda. Well we think it's time that changed and so does Korina. Let her supportive and calming course give you the information, motivation and techniques you need to put yourself first. It doesn't make you selfish, it just makes sense.

Why we love this course

The idea of self-care makes us grimace. It sounds nice in practice, we know that we probably should prioritise it more but we’re damned if we know exactly how to do it without cringing at ourselves via social media / feeling guilty / grimacing (again). 

The super calm, incredibly supportive and open hearted Korina Tsipoura wants to change that with her brand new group mentoring programme. As a qualified yoga teacher Korina knows how a little focused ‘me time’ can have a positive impact on the mind, body and – yep we’re going to say it – soul. Bringing her immense and varied experiences together in one place, Korina’s programme will help you to learn more about how your body and mind work together, influence each other and how simple techniques can make a big difference to the way you feel about yourself. It’s not self-indulgent, it’s survival. Especially after the year we’ve all just had.

Korina works with a small group of people to explore different aspects of movement and mindset to help you to feel more in control of your emotional and behavioural responses to the situations you are faced with in everyday life. Crucially, she’ll work with the group to help everyone create a sustainable practice (including things like breathwork, meditation, movement, journalling and  gratitude) that fits into whatever life they lead. 

Who knows, by the end of the course we might even be able to say the words ‘love’ and ‘ourselves’ in the same sentence without feeling queasy. If anyone can help us with that, it’s Korina.

You should book this course if

You’re ready to prioritise your own self-care and learn how to create a holistic and sustainable practice.

What's the format?

  • Live workshops in a small (8 people) mentoring group, facilitated by Korina
  • 60-90 minutes per session, Tuesdays at 11am from 8th June (see below for all dates)
  • Weekly, optional Q&A sessions
  • Workbook with journaling prompts with each module
  • Pre-recorded practices (breathwork/meditations) for you to keep with each module
  • 1:1 session with Korina after the course is complete

The best bits

  • Small group, supportive environment
  • Activities to practice in between sessions
  • Holistic approach to self-awareness and development
  • Bonus 1:1 session 

When's the next course?

Korina is currently running a programme. Dates for her next course will be coming soon, watch this space…

Want more details? No problem, read on...

Module #1: Understanding our Humanness

  • Foundational understanding of the systems in our bodies and how they work symbiotically
  • The nervous system and why is important to understand the animal nature that we all have
  • Stress in the body and how it manifests
  • Fight – Flight – Freeze responses of the autonomic nervous system
  • Self-care tools: What / When / Why
  • Motivation and discipline – why we feel it’s hard to stay motivated and how to overcome it


Module #2: Deep into Inner Work

  • What is inner work and the importance of it
  • Understanding belief systems and how we can dismantle them
  • How beliefs manifest in our physicality and language
  • How limiting beliefs are connected to our nervous system responses
  • Tools to work with and transform limiting belief systems


Module #3: Working with Energy

  • Why energy is important
  • Understanding the different levels and altered states of consciousness
  • What is intuition and how we can strengthen it
  • Why meditation works


Module #4: Integrating and taking Aligned Action

  • What are the next steps?
  • How to create a sustainable practice
  • How to move forwards with kindness and compassion for ourselves and others
  • How to connect and live with purpose

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