Unlock your creative process, Tommy ludgate

Lost your creative flare? Stop looking down the back of the sofa, it’s definitely not there. Let certified coach Tommy help you find your spark and give you the tools to make your creative process less evasive. Get ready to feel more confident about your own creative talent. Oooo, a pound coin!

Why we love this course

The creative process can be hard to pin down. We know what it feels like when we’re in it but we aren’t always aware of how to access that feeling if being ‘in the flow’ in a consistent way. It can be so frustrating and really hard to know how to move past those inevitable blockages. And don’t even get us started on the impact of working from home alone…

Certified coach and super creative Tommy Ludgate brings you a brilliant course that will help you to establish a more consistent creative practice. Over four weeks, a combination of self-paced content and supportive coaching with a group of like-minded creatives, will help you to establish habits that will put you on a creative path more of the time. Making the journey from idea to actual-real-life-completion-of-creative-thing a lot smoother.

On completion of the course, you will be invited to join a dedicated online community, with other creatives, so you can continue learning together. 

Knowing how to access your best creative self is a massive confidence booster and a brilliant way to silence that, all too familiar, limiting self-talk (tell us it’s not just us?!). 

You should book this course if

You want to reignite or unlock your creativity – or find a more consistent way of working through the process. 

What's the format?

  • 4 pre-recorded modules 
  • Weekly group coaching sessions

The best bits

  • Learn in your own time and benefit from working with a group
  • A tried and tested process from a creative pro
  • Builds you confidence through creation of practical habits

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When's the next course?

Tommy’s next programme starts on 1st November.

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