Virtual Cooking Experiences, Shamal Kumal

Bored of cooking the same old stuff? Learn how to cook meals that are worth the washing up, with a range of cooking experiences to suit everyone.

Why we love this course

Cooking can be boring. It can be really hard to find the time, energy and motivation to break out of the rotation of the same old meals. 

Let Shamal (Cooking With Shamoo) take you on a culinary adventure that’ll make you look forward to mealtimes again. Even though you still have to do your own washing up.

With a series of Cooking Experiences that you can do with friends, family or colleagues, Shamal uses her love of travelling and the Caribbean influence of her Guyanese roots to help bring some fun and flavour back into your home-cooked meals. 

For more inspiration, you can also sign up to The Cook Club to get more access to brilliant live cook-alongs and weekly recipes.

So, carve some time out for yourself and get ready to find the joy in cooking again.  And, if you want to watch a complete novice give a cook along with Shamal a go, you can watch our IG Live here.

You should book this course if

You want to learn more about cooking.

These are inclusive sessions; you don’t have to be a specific age, gender, or any other demographic (protected characteristic) to join in. You just need to have access to the internet and a device you can log onto zoom with.

What's the format?

  • Live ‘cook-along’ workshops with a group of friends, family or work colleagues
  • List of ingredients will be emailed to you a week and a half in advance
  • Receive a digital post event recipe card to recreate the dish you learn anytime you like, with hints and tips

The best bits

  • Fun, sociable and engaging 
  • Active participation that results in lovely home-cooked meals
  • Variety of different cuisines

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