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Relationships, babies, dating and sex (not usually in that order…).

How to Feed your Fussy eater, Sarah Alder

Family mealtimes not living up to the dreamy expectations set by US TV dramas you watched circa 1996? Sarah can help make mealtimes manageable again. So you can stop tearing your hair out (yuck, no wonder they won’t eat the food).

How to Please a woman in bed, Ruth Ramsay

Want to know how a woman can experience her highest peaks of ecstasy? Get ready to be enlightened, encouraged, informed and inspired.

Fire Soup Confidence Introductory Course, Clara May Warden

Know an 8-13 year old who could do with a confidence boost? Fire Soup provides practical tools and techniques to help build resilience, positivity and compassion.

Crack the Code: Managing Difficult Child Behaviour

Find out how to stop ‘sounding like your mum/dad’ and learn how to manage even the most baffling / frustrating / wrinkle-inducing behaviour to reclaim the funtimes in your house.