Courses - Make It

All things creative, from screenwriting to sourdough.

Create a Reed DIffuser for Your Home, Alison MacColl

Learn how to design and create a natural vegan friendly reed diffuser with your bespoke signature scent. Don’t worry – scent options are provided in the kit if your current bespoke home scent has become more ‘cold coffee and over-worn jogging bottoms’ than ‘patchouli and bergamot’ over the last year…

Beginner Ukes for Grown Ups, Becky Dixon

This joyful, relaxed and energising five week course takes you from total ukulele newbie – with no musical or ukulele experienced required – to confidently playing at least 4 chords and together we’ll be strumming and singing some fab songs!

DIY Newborn Photography, Charlotte Gray

Learn how to take beautiful photographs of your newborn at home. Even if you feel like you can’t remember how to turn on a camera anymore (What’s a camera? What day is it? Zzzzzzzz).

Virtual Cooking Experiences, Shamal Kumal

Bored of cooking the same old stuff? Learn how to cook meals that are worth the washing up, with a range of cooking experiences to suit everyone.

Loc's Taste of Vietnam, Loc Bui

Vietnamese food is still having a moment. We don’t think that moment should end. If you agree, give Loc’s membership a whirl to learn how to create Saigon inspired food at home. Yum.

6 hour copywriting class, Laura Bentley

Learn how to write captivating copy for your business with copywriting pro and founder of Ella Street Communications, Laura Smith.