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Boost your business, kickstart your career, rule the world.

How to set-up a healthy home-working space, Li-Yeng Choo

Learn how to create a workspace that doesn’t make you feel like you need a deep tissue massage at the end of each day. Plus, create habits that will make home-working feel a whole lot healthier.

Brand Chaos to brand confidence, helen bell

Maintaining brand consistency with that lovely logo and colour pallet is harder than it looks, right? Branding expert, Helen Bell, can help you to take back control of your brand; giving you the confidence to use what you’ve got to make your brand pop.

Newsflash: you are allowed to assert your opinion, set boundaries and be direct. No, really. Let voice and verbal communications expert Louisa show you how in this 12 week 1:1 programme.

Stop over-thinking, start doing with Laura Bentley

If you find yourself deliberating over the smallest of decisions to distract from those REALLY BIG important changes you’d rather be making to your life, then Laura’s course can help you. She’ll help you refocus, stop procrastinating and get on with it. In a nice, supportive way, obvs.

Kickstart your career change

Kickstart your career change with certified coach, Catherine Serusclat. Discover what works for you, so you can find work you love.

Unlock your creative process, Tommy ludgate

Lost your creative flare? Stop looking down the back of the sofa, it’s definitely not there. Let certified coach Tommy help you find your spark and give you the tools to make your creative process less evasive. Get ready to feel more confident about your own creative talent. Oooo, a pound coin!