Catherine Serusclat

Catherine Serusclat

Catherine is an certified career and personal development coach.

After 10 years in HR, Catherine realised that she didn’t enjoy her job anymore. Rather than just shrug off that stomach churning feeling you get when you know you aren’t really doing what you love (sounding familiar?!) she bravely quit her job and retrained to become a coach with Animas

Luckily, it was an easy decision because she already knew her strengths, values, skills and the kind of environment she thrives in. But, her career in HR had taught her that not everyone has this kind of self-awareness. So, through her coaching practice and her brilliant courses she helps other people get to know themselves better; so that they can make big decisions easily and find a career that makes them happy. 

Catherine believes that no-one should feel trapped in a job they hate. She gives people the confidence and tools they didn’t know they needed to make the changes they didn’t know they could.

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You could scream, or you could read this

Shying away from making important decisions about your life and career? Certified coach, Catherine Serusclat can help you to get back in control.

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