Isabel is a white woman with shoulder length brown hair with a fringe. She is standing in front of a colourful wall with her hands on her hips, smiling at the camera..

Isabel Mohan

Discoco co-founder, writer, runner, cat lady, fan of bright colours, extrovert, karaoke hog

self-employed woman

Your guide to the courses, newsletters, podcasts, books and communities that will help make your business soar…

Ruth Ramsay IG Live on sex

We sat down for an eye-opening chat with sex coach and course creator Ruth Ramsay…

couple in heart

And no, you don’t necessarily need to force your partner to engage with them too…

online courses for mental health

The mental health benefits of online learning mean self-development is never selfish…

Instagram experts

Let these experts help you tart your feed right up.

Woman under pressure

You could scream, or you could read this

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Lucy is a white woman with blond hair with a side parting. She is standing in front of a colourful wall and smiling at the camera.

Lucy Cleveley

Discoco co-founder, Business Psychologist, trainee coach, lover of bold earrings, incessant talker, coffee snob, plant fan.

Melissa Addey

Melissa Addey

Melissa has a PhD in Creative Writing and is the author and publisher of 14 books; ranging from historical fiction to a picture book for children.

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