Isabel is a white woman with shoulder length brown hair with a fringe. She is standing in front of a colourful wall with her hands on her hips, smiling at the camera..

Isabel Mohan

Discoco co-founder, writer, runner, cat lady, fan of bright colours, extrovert, karaoke hog

Woman under pressure

You could scream, or you could read this

couple in heart

And no, you don’t necessarily need to force your partner to engage with them too…

We spoke to single mum Raji about her brave and bold decision to leave the NHS after 20 years to retrain as a UX designer…

Woman with laptop

Let’s try and help make seeking employment a bit less soul-destroying.

Isabel fitness

After a lifetime of insisting she would NEVER enjoy exercise, Discoco co-founder Isabel transformed into a fully-fledged fitness bore, and all it took was a pandemic…

working from home

If you’re struggling with the fact that remote working isn’t going anywhere (literally) we’ve got some expert tips and solidarity… especially if you’re a gobby creative type

career change

Changing your career is much harder than changing your pants (even if you’re wearing really fancy ones from Agent Provocateur involving bows and straps) so here are some tips to help you make the leap…

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Lucy Cleveley

Discoco co-founder, Business Psychologist, trainee coach, lover of bold earrings, incessant talker, coffee snob, plant fan.

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