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Lucy Cleveley

Discoco co-founder, Business Psychologist, trainee coach, lover of bold earrings, incessant talker, coffee snob, plant fan.

Woman under pressure

You could scream, or you could read this

Women being calm, leaning back with the sun in front of her and a cloud behind her

Author of Generation Panic, Agi Heale, shares her top tips for managing the feelings of anxiety that creep up on all of us from time to time…

Black woman with headphones and 'I can (t)' image above. Can you Learn to be Confident?

Spoiler alert: you can. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what confidence expert and fab audio course creator, Lucy Baker, has to say and pick up some top confidence building tips to boot.

How to stand out as a coach

What Founding Course Creators and super coaches Sara, Siobhan and Karen have to say about finding your niche in this increasingly crowded profession.

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Discoco co-founder, writer, runner, cat lady, fan of bright colours, extrovert, karaoke hog

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