Recommend a Course

To make Discoco great, we need to know about great courses. 

We’ve now got our founding 50 course creators – aka our guinea pigs while we test the whole concept of curating courses and building a community of course creators – in the bag, but we’re still keen to hear about great courses, and therefore…


We’re planning to roll out a new wave of courses over the summer when we’ve finalised our membership model – more details coming soon!

So here’s the form you need to fill in to tell us about your course Filling this in will claim your spot on the Discoco waiting list (subject to meeting the Discoco Promise below), plus we’ll send you more info about our plans. 

The Discoco Promise

PS. If you don’t run a course yourself, but have taken a great one you think we shout about, don’t be shy – tell us about it! You can email the details to