1:1 Coaching

Jaz’s 1:1 coaching packages will help you to work out your career goals are and the support to make them happen.

So, you hate your job. Now what?

career change

Changing your career is much harder than changing your pants (even if you’re wearing really fancy ones from Agent Provocateur involving bows and straps) so here are some tips to help you make the leap…

Career Playbook Programme

Feel like you’ve been sleepwalking through your career so far? Then take control and create a strategy (yes, you can do that, it’s your career) that will get you to where you want to go.

Get to Know Yourself Better

Shying away from making important decisions about your life and career? Certified coach, Catherine Serusclat can help you to get back in control.

Working Mum: Re-evaluating Your Career

Working mum re-evaluating your career, Karen Hudson

If neither your jeans nor your old career fit you after starting a family, this course from certified coach Karen Hudson will help you to work out your next move. Unfortunately this course doesn’t cover the jean issue but hey, elasticated waist bands exist for a reason, right?

Jaz Broughton

Jaz Broughton

Jaz is a career coach, lifelong side-hustler with a squiggly career she is proud of.