Taming Your Lion: Managing Big Emotions

Taming your lion: managing big emotions, Dr Andrea Shortland

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Andrea Shortland has created a fun and engaging course for children aged 7-12 (and their adults) to help name and tame big emotions such as anger, anxiety and sadness.

Little Eyes, Big Stories

Little Eyes, Big Stories, Aina Gomez

Want to give your kids something more productive to do with your phone than search for games / hack your social media accounts? Why not let them learn how to take photographs? Properly. Even better, get them a camera and hide your phone on a very high shelf.

Working Mum: Re-evaluating Your Career

Working mum re-evaluating your career, Karen Hudson

If neither your jeans nor your old career fit you after starting a family, this course from certified coach Karen Hudson will help you to work out your next move. Unfortunately this course doesn’t cover the jean issue but hey, elasticated waist bands exist for a reason, right?

Aina Gomez

Aina Gomez

Aina is an award-winning filmmaker, drama school principle and photographer.

Dr Andrea Shortland

Dr Andrea Shortland

Dr Andrea Shortland is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist specialising in trauma, anxiety and attachment difficulties in children, adults and families.