How to Set-Up a Healthy Home-Working Space

How to set-up a healthy home-working space, Li-Yeng Choo

Learn how to create a workspace that doesn’t make you feel like you need a deep tissue massage at the end of each day. Plus, create habits that will make home-working feel a whole lot healthier.

Prøject Wøman

Project Woman

Periods can be more than just (a) pain. They can have power, if you know how to find it. Find out how to maximise your menstrual cycle in Abi Adams’s amazing 8 week programme.

Tommy Ludgate

Tommy Ludgate

Tommy is a certified coach with a musical background. She specialises in helping creative people to unlock their potential.

Boost Your Creative Wellbeing

Boost your creative well-being, Tommy ludgate

Feeling burnt out, lacking in your usual creative zest and generally a bit low on creative energy? Get the boost you need to get back in the game and get the ideas flowing again in this 60 minute masterclass.

The Rebellion of Self-Care

The rebellion of Self Care, Korina Tsipoura

Looking after yourself is often the last thing on the agenda. Well we think it’s time that changed and so does Korina. Let her supportive and calming course give you the information, motivation and techniques you need to put yourself first. It doesn’t make you selfish, it just makes sense.

Korina Tsipoura

Korina Tsipoura

Korina is a trained dancer, yoga teacher and self-confessed introvert with a fascination for other human beings.

Li-Yeng Choo

Li-Yeng Choo

Li-Yeng is chartered musculoskeletal physiotherapist and founder of