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January 2022

Co-founder Isabel Mohan shares the story of how Discoco was born; lockdown, full-time job, full-time home-schooling, not a lot of cash…BUT a lot of fun…

December 2021

Want to know what we think about the whole ‘create a course as a passive income’ thing? Look no further.

October 2021

Isabel shares what it’s really like to start a business with your friend

July 2021

And we share our thoughts on how to maintain work-life boundaries here (spoiler alert: it’s tough)

October 2021

Co-founder Lucy Cleveley shares her thoughts on how to get out of the 24/7 working cycle (she now needs to start taking her own advice…)

July 2021

Need something, anything to do with your kids in the school holidays?! Voila.

July 2021

Isabel shares her thoughts on how to use lockdown skills to make money while shamelessly plugging Discoco.

June 2021

Hooray! We are officially ‘Women In Tech’! Read our interview here.

May 2021

Thanks to @theericapp for sharing our ‘How to level up your job hunt’ article. Without us even asking!

Mat 2021

Isabel shares her side-hustle story with the FT backed newsletter Sifted.